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Winner 2016 New York Book, London and San Francisco Book Festivals
Winner 2016 International Book Award
Paul Black Books
Welcome to Spooksville. What if you knew what a friend, or a lover, or a client was thinking? Would it empower you or drive you crazy? For Dillon Bradford, hearing people’s thoughts has proved monumentally profitable. Dillon is a cool hunter and has leveraged his telepathic ability into Cool Brain, one of Dallas’ largest and most successful brand design agencies. Dillon isn’t the only one wielding this remarkable gift, however. Other telepaths are living large in Big D, and Dillon has brought them together for fun and profit.
But Dillon’s tony life begins to unravel when an intriguing woman joins his special group. Debra Lao works for Ewing Pharmaceuticals, one of Cool Brain’s largest accounts. At first, she seems the perfect addition, but after a few drinks, Dillon discovers Lao has a unique sexual twist on their telepathic gift. Inexorably drawn to this exotic Asian beauty, Dillon soon finds his world turned inside out. Blackouts. Seizures. Mysterious marks at the base of his skull. What is happening to Dillon Bradford? Is Debra Lao what she seems? Is his life what it seems?
Dallas’ most eligible bachelor is about to be thrust into the dangerous and seedy world of international arms trade and black operations, and there’s seemingly nothing he can do to stop it, because Dillon Bradford’s gift isn’t like his friends’ and rival forces scattered around the globe will do whatever it takes to harness his extraordinary power.

WINNER of the San Francisco Book Festival for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the International Book Award for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the New York Book Festival for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the London Book Festival for Science Fiction.
Paul Black Books
Also available in eBooks and Kindle.
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