A new revolution has spread across the human landscape. The Biolution and its flood of technology have changed almost every aspect of life. Also changed, is the face of terrorism.Throughout his life, Jonathan Kortel always sensed he was different, but never imagined how different, until two rival factions of a secret group called the Tels approach him out of the shadows of government. He has a gift that could change his life, and possibly the world, forever.  This is his story. A battle for the loyalty of a man who could change the course of human evolution. And the struggle inside this man as he comes to terms with his destiny. Deeply intriguing and powerfully suspenseful, Paul Black has created a future described as “one of the best science fiction novels” by Marilyn Meredith of Writer’s Digest. Part X-Files, part cyber-thriller, Paul Black unveils a dark and compelling view of a world.
WINNER for genre fiction in the Writer's Digest's International Book Awards
FINALIST for the Independent Publishers Book of the Year Award
FINALIST for the Eric Hoffer Book of the Year Award
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"Black has quite an imagination and puts it to good use..."
~ Dallas Morning News
"Black is a skilled story teller of
the first order..."
~ Midwest Book Review, 5-Star Review
North America is one union; trade in illegal cloning is thriving; and the Biolution has changed all the rules. It’s a dark new world in the 21st Century, and National Security Agency profiler Sonny Chaco is fed up with swimming the Net. His latest assignment is Alberto Goya, billionaire CEO of global media giant AztecaNet. The NSA thinks Goya is involved with racketeering, but Chaco knows that he has ties to the Mexican Mafia.

Chaco’s information is coming from Deja Moriarty, one of Azteca-Net’s brightest reality producers. Deja wonders if she’s really helping her country, while Chaco seriously questions his feelings for his sexy informant.

Just when Chaco thinks he’s got the goods on Goya and is ready to pounce, his superior assigns him to investigate a mysterious and powerful man who has appeared on the grid. It’s Chaco’s first field assignment, but everything goes sideways when he discovers that Deja knows the mystery man. AztecaNet’s head of security is soon on to Chaco and Deja, and there’s nothing he won’t do to stop them from bringing down his boss.

Armed with only his wits and a cast of unlikely accomplices, Chaco soon realizes that the mystery man isn’t just a threat to the nation…but the world.

WINNER of the Independent Publishers eBook and Book Award for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the Hollywood Book Festival for Science Fiction.
FINALIST in ForeWord Magazines Book of the Year for Science Fiction.
Also available in eBooks and Kindle.
"Black is one of those authors that we who worship this genre look for every time..."
~ John Strange,
A Deep in the basement of the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Building, Dr. William Kanter is on the brink of developing a technology that will replace the MRI. Yet the images captured aren’t of his brain, they’re his memories. And they only take up only a small portion at the end of the scan. What Kanter discovers throughout the rest of the scan could rock the very foundation of humanity.

Across campus, child psychologist Dr. Trenna Anderson is reviewing a disturbing home video of a young Wisconsin farm boy who suffers from night terrors. After witnessing the boy become a Nazi prison guard, L.A. crack whore and Inuit native, Anderson suspects the eight-year-old may have multiple personality disorder. But when conventional psychotherapy fails, Anderson reluctantly meets with a maverick inventor named Kanter who’s rumored to have created a revolutionary machine that might be the boy’s only hope.

Kanter thinks his invention will help mankind, but there are forces at work that want to destroy a machine that threatens to expose the world’s most precious beliefs. Soon Kanter and Anderson find themselves embroiled in a deadly and dangerous world of government espionage, corporate greed and religious fundamentalism. Is Kanter’s invention capable of changing the world? And if so, at what cost?
WINNER of the Independent Publishers eBook and Book Award for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the London Book Festival Science Fiction.
WINNER of the New York Book Festival for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the Midwest Book Festival for Science Fiction.
Also available in eBooks and Kindle.
WELCOME TO SPOOKSVILLE   What if you knew what a friend, or a lover, or a client was thinking? Would it empower you or drive you crazy? For Dillon Bradford, hearing people’s thoughts has proved monumentally profitable. Dillon is a cool hunter and has leveraged his telepathic ability into Cool Brain, one of Dallas’ largest and most successful brand design agencies. Dillon isn’t the only one wielding this remarkable gift, however. Other telepaths are living large in Big D, and Dillon has brought them together for fun and profit.
But Dillon’s tony life begins to unravel when an intriguing woman joins his special group. Debra Lao works for Ewing Pharmaceuticals, one of Cool Brain’s largest accounts. At first, she seems the perfect addition, but after a few drinks, Dillon discovers Lao has a unique sexual twist on their telepathic gift. Inexorably drawn to this exotic Asian beauty, Dillon soon finds his world turned inside out. Blackouts. Seizures. Mysterious marks at the base of his skull. What is happening to Dillon Bradford? Is Debra Lao what she seems? Is his life what it seems?
Dallas’ most eligible bachelor is about to be thrust into the dangerous and seedy world of international arms trade and black operations, and there’s seemingly nothing he can do to stop it, because Dillon Bradford’s gift isn’t like his friends’ and rival forces scattered around the globe will do whatever it takes to harness his extraordinary power.
WINNER of the San Francisco Book Festival for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the International Book Award for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the New York Book Festival for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the London Book Festival for Science Fiction.
Also available in eBooks and Kindle.
Dillon Bradford was a cool hunter and he had it all. Money. Women. And a gift for knowing exactly what his clients were thinking. He leveraged his telepathic ability into a tony lifestyle and created one of Dallas’ largest and most successful brand design agencies. Dillon‘s life spiraled out of control when rival forces from the world’s seedy underbelly of arms trade used advanced technology and forced him to use his power against all that he held dear.
In his 2016 award-winning novel Cool Brain, acclaimed author, Paul Black, introduced us to a protagonist who learned that there’s more to life than living large. But the cost he paid to learn this lesson was more than any man could bare.
Now Dillon Bradford is back, but just when he thought his life was finally free of danger, ruthless forces from his past reach out and drag him and the woman he loves, down a terrifying and revenge filled abyss. Dark Slide is the thrilling sequel to Cool Brain, a love story that pushes Dillon to the deadly edge of his telepathic limits and also threatens his life and the lives of the people he loves.
Also be available in eBooks and Kindle.
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Paul Black Books, sci-fi, science fiction, novels, fiction, thrillers