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Paul Black Books
Paul Black Books
Paul Black Books
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WINNER for genre fiction in the 2003 Writer's Digest's International Book Awards
FINALIST for the 2003 Independent Publishers Book of the Year Award
FINALIST for the 2003 Eric Hoffer Book of the Year Award
WINNER of the 2010 Independent Publishers eBook and Book Award for Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival for Science Fiction
FINALIST in ForeWord Magazines 2007 Book of the Year for Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2013 Independent Publishers eBook and Book Award for Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2013 London Book Festival Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2013 New York Book Festival for Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival for Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2013 Midwest Book Festival for Science Fiction
WINNER in ForeWord Magazines 2013 Book of the Year for Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2016 London Book Festival Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2016 New York Book Festival for Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2016 San Francisco Book Festival for Science Fiction
WINNER of the 2016 International Book Award for Science Fiction

“Dallas writer Paul Black makes his first foray into the world of science fiction with The Tels. It’s a highly original novel set in the near future and it moves at lightning speed. Mr. Black has quite an imagination and puts it to good use. The mind-bending plot centers on Jonathan Kortel, who is approached by a shadowy group called the Tels, who covet his telekinetic gifts. The ensuing action is bizarre enough to read like something straight out of The X-Files.”  


~ Steve Powers, Dallas Morning News“




(The Tels) is written so splendidly, at times I forgot I was reading science fiction – with the emphasis on fiction. The characters are realistic, and the hero is someone you relate to, worry about and wonder if he’s going to be able to cope with the reality that is set before him. This is definitely one of the best science fiction novels I’ve ever read...the book is remarkable.”


~ Marilyn Meredith, Writer’s Digest’s 11th Annual Book Awards




“...Soulware was a brilliantly embroidered story, mixing science and fiction in a plausible and entertaining way...I absolutely loved this book!” 


~ Ismael Manzano,




“This story by Paul Black is as strong and well written as any of the stories of my heroes: Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Andre Norton, or Anne McCaffrey. He is one of those writers that we who worship this genre lookfor every time we pick up the novel of an author who is new to us...The characters come alive for you. You feel right along with them.  You can believe the decisions they make. And best of all, nothing is clear-cut and simple. The story brings us to a strong ending while leaving us with the desire for more...I recommend The Tels to every lover of sci-fi. Good work, Paul! Welcome to my bookshelves!” 


~ John Strange,




“Paul Black’s engaging prose promises big things for the future....”  


~ Writer’s Notes Magazine




“...a great read, full of suspense and action....”


~ Dallas Entertainment Guide




“A riveting science fiction novel by a gifted author...The Tels would prove a popular addition to any community library Science Fiction collection and documents Paul Black as an imaginatively skilled storyteller of the first order. Also very highly recommended is the newly published second volume in the Tels series, Soulware, which continues the adventures of Jonathan Kortel in the world of tomorrow.”


~ Midwest Book Review




"I agreed to review the science fiction novel, The Tels, by Paul Black as a favor to my coworkers.... I had expected the handoff to come attached with a few snickers...I was truly amazed by how wrong I was.  Not only did I enjoy the book, I almost feel guilty that I got to review it...The book is the kind of science fiction that I like to read, not weighed down with technical jargon that the average person cannot understand....The prose is light and catchy, but did not fail to bring the emotional hammer down when necessary.  It’s a character-driven piece that was worth every second I’d spent on it...get your hands on a copy of The Tels.” 


~ Ismael Manzano,




“The biggest complaint about science fiction is that there is always too much science and not enough fiction.  In The Tels Paul Black brilliantly combines the two in a novel that is almost too plausible...Blending sex, governmentintrigue and a new reality aren’t easy tasks but Black is up to it.  Taking us for a ride through a world totally different from our own and yet with the emotions that aren’t going to change between now and 2109...The Tels doesn’t let go and stays with you after the last page.”


~ Leslie Rigoulot, Continental Features Syndicate




“...I was totally hooked...The Tels is for anyone who loves a good story, with lots of action and great characters.” 


~ Jo Ann Holt, OC Tribune




“Black rises above the Trekkie laser tag spastics found in your typical sci-fi novels resting on the grocery store racks. His sensibilities broaden from machine gun testosterone to discreet fatherhood, from errant sexuality to wry humor. He delivers a charge of venture rarely found in first-time writers. And The Tels hits the mark as a solid adventure serial, leaving you hanging for the next publication.”


~ Brian Adams, Collegian




“The Tels is an addictive read from first-time novelist Paul Black, a promising new storyteller on the sci-fi scene. He manages to capture the reader in the first ten pages. He introduces us to a set of intriguing characters in a totally believable possible future. There is a grittiness and sensuality to his writing that pours out of every word in the book. Whether it’s his description of the preparation of a good meal, the seduction of a beautiful woman, or a fight to the death, The Tels has it all. Even people who don’t read sci-fi will want to read this book. The action is great and would make one hell of a movie. Is Hollywood listening? Paul Black has a winner on his hands. I can hardly wait for the next installment.”


~ Cynthia A., About Towne, ITCN




“Soulware doesn’t miss a beat as it continues Jonathan’s story, the story of his quest to find out exactly who he really is and why the Tels are so interested in him. The ending makes it clear that there’s more to come, and readers who crave their science-fiction with a hint of weirdness can look forward to the next book in the series.”  


~ Steve Powers, Dallas Morning News




It (The Presence) was a fast read and I enjoyed the trip that it took me on.  The characters feel realistic, and tension was built at a good pace.  It's also fairly straightforward, and doesn't get too far off the beaten path....meaning it's perfect for film.   


~ Jordon Maison,




The Presence is fast-paced and well written. Paul pulls futuristic tech into a believable and seamless world.

~Darcia Helle (Amazon)










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