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Paul Black, author
WINNER of the 2010 Independent Publisher's Book Award
WINNER of the London, New York and
Hollywood Book Festivals
Paul Black Books
Deep in the basement of the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Building, Dr. William Kanter is on the brink of developing a technology that will replace the MRI. Yet the images captured aren’t of his brain, they’re his memories. And they only take up only a small portion at the end of the scan. What Kanter discovers throughout the rest of the scan could rock the very foundation of humanity.

Across campus, child psychologist Dr. Trenna Anderson is reviewing a disturbing home video of a young Wisconsin farm boy who suffers from night terrors. After witnessing the boy become a Nazi prison guard, L.A. crack whore and Inuit native, Anderson suspects the eight-year-old may have multiple personality disorder. But when conventional psychotherapy fails, Anderson reluctantly meets with a maverick inventor named Kanter who’s rumored to have created a revolutionary machine that might be the boy’s only hope.

Kanter thinks his invention will help mankind, but there are forces at work that want to destroy a machine that threatens to expose the world’s most precious beliefs. Soon Kanter and Anderson find themselves embroiled in a deadly and dangerous world of government espionage, corporate greed and religious fundamentalism. Is Kanter’s invention capable of changing the world? And if so, at what cost?

WINNER of the Independent Publishers eBook and Book Award for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the London Book Festival Science Fiction.
WINNER of the New York Book Festival for Science Fiction.
WINNER of the Midwest Book Festival for Science Fiction.
Paul Black Books
Also available in eBooks and Kindle.
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